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Rubber Band

Rubber Bands... The answer to everything.


Rubber Bands, what can't you do with them?

That's right, you haven't seen it all. A Website devoted to our little elastic friends, rubber bands. Whatever you call one, bands, elastic, loop binder, lacky, lackyband, gumband, jimmy or for the bad speelers like me ruberband or just plain old rubber band, they are the answer to all your worldy worries.
If you're MacGyver then you could probably save the world several times with these but for us mere mortals, we will have to settle with it just being one of the best inventions in history.

Have a look at some of the stuff we have collected and email us if you find any more stuff we should put on here.
close up of rubber bands

So whatever you call them rubberbands are a stretch loop of rubber or latex normally used to hold object togther. To make the manufactures produce rubber or latex (a long process we won't bother going into) and push it out into long tubes of various sizes. The then simply cut it up into the desired sizes and walla a ruberband. Makes sense eh. So from that each rubber bands gets a length (the diameter of the tube), a width (how far each cut is appart) and a thickness (how think the walls of the tube are).

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