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Rubber Band

Rubber Bands... The answer to everything.


Making a Rubber Band Ball

Complete Plans to make a rubber band ball...

Last Step

Ok, so now you should have exactly the right number of rubber bands round your ball. Give an bounce and admire it. Isn't it beautiful. Now send me a picture so I can add it to the hall of fame below then start again, this time play with some colours and patterns to make an even better one.

rubber band ball
Wooo hooo, Our first rubber band ball photo, Thanks Michael, Keep them coming.
rubber band ball
And our second from Steve Morgan in the UK.
rubber band ball
And a third from Conrad Rider in the UK too.
rubber band ball
Just starting out, from Ed Leung of Vancouver, BC, Canada.
rubber band ball
Owain "rubber ball" Thomas From Swansea in Wales, starting out .
rubber band ball
Owain "rubber ball" Thomas From Swansea in Wales, getting larger .
rubber band ball
from Chris from NewYork. 4 or 5 years ago and close to 10 pounds.
rubber band ball
And from Stewart Knox.
Rubber Band Ball
From Sydney Bradley in Babbridge in the UK.
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