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Rubber Band

Rubber Bands... The answer to everything.


The Rubber Band Frequestly ask Questions

Yes, these are all actual questions that get sent in.
  • What is rubber band made of?
  • Rubber bands are made from mostly "rubber", mostly natural rubber (extracted from rubber trees, but sometimes synthetic. A few more elements are also added to do several things. Fillers such as calcium carbonate, carbon black, clay and are used and additives like sulfur, stearic acid, zinc oxide, wax, oil, accelerators are mixed in.
  • How is rubber made?
  • Natural rubber is extracted is collected from the rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis). Scientifically, natural rubber is "cis 1, 4-polyisoprene". Natural rubber itself is soft, damaged when stretched and it is easily damaged by exposure to the elements. During a process called vulcanization, the sulfur molecule becomes a bridge between rubber molecules. This improves upon the above weaknesses of natural rubber.
  • How are rubber bands made?
  • Once you have the rubber it is produced into a long tube and sliced into rings.
    rubber band tube cutting
  • What is the best way to look after your rubber bands?
  • Rubber products are susceptible to heat, air and sun light. To keep them rubber bands should be packed, preferably in air tight bag or container, and stored in cool and dark place.
  • How many rubber bands will it take for me to be happy?
  • The number normal ranges somewhere between 1.9 million and 2.3 million but this can change heavily with different personalities and shoe size. However some people only need as little as 50,000, those lucky devils.
  • I'm afraid of using rubber bands, what should i do?
  • Now and again you will find a rare person that has a fear of something basic to their survival. This is a serious topic and not one to be discussed on a little web site. Some find deep therapy useful but I heard people get the most success from wearing rubber fishing waders to all important events. Please do seek professional advice though.
  • Can you get a rash or impetego from rubber?
  • Woooow. I'm strearing clear of this one. See a doctor. As the expression goes - The Internet, Save on doctors bills by misdiagnosing your friends and family.
  • My cat choked himself on a rubber band! What's a way to keep pets and other small beings out of your rubber band stash?
  • Some quick fix merchants will advise you to take a cheap and simplistic solution of something like a container for them, but this is only a short term solution for after a few hundred years most containers will degrade away due to exposure to the elements. The only real long term solution is to buy two houses separated by bodies of water, like an ocean. I would advise say one in New Zealand and one in Brazil. Place the cat in one house and the rubber band in the other and you should be fix to up to 3000 years. For us dog lovers though, the odd rubber banded cat is just another benefit of rubber bands.
  • My turtle ate some rubber bands. He pooped them out and they still looked perfectly usable. Why did they get pooped out in good condition?
  • What most peole don't know about turtles is that they are natures suction cup. You can stick them to most smooth surfaces. This works becuase the bottom shell has a high rubber content. So a defence mechanism, so they don't stick to everything, they do not digest rubber, it just passes straight through them.
  • How many uses are there for the rubber band?
  • Short answer 6, long answer, there are six uses for rubber bands.
  • How do you make a rubber band boat?
  • Your get thousands of rubber bands and glue them together into a boat shape, making sure to leave no gaps for water to get through. I'm not sure this would be that practical though.
  • How much training would it take to become a professional rubber band firing ninja?
  • Way too long, but for someone crazy enough to ask that even longer. We're trying to have a serrious rubber band discussion here, so no more weird questions. I only put this up becuase so many people are asking about it.
  • How fast do rubberbands go?
  • 6. For any other numerical questions about rubber bands the answer is always six.
  • How do you connect rubber bands to get them strong enough to withstand an applied force?
  • Tie them together.
  • How to make a difficult helicopter?
  • Get the plans for a helicopter and then try and make it out of rubber bands.
  • Is chewing rubber bands bad for your health?
  • Probably not the best for you.
  • How many rubber bands are in a pound?
  • Depending on the weight of them, 6.
  • how do you make a bong out of rubber bands?
  • Burning rubber is not the best for you, I'd steer clear of trying this.

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