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Rubber Band

Rubber Bands... The answer to everything.


Rubberband Pencil Shooter

The rubber band pencil shooter is one of the goals of the backyard weapons expert whether they are 5 or 50. The combination of the pencils as the stationary, very day available, arrow and the rubberband as the bow is way to tempting for most with even the slightest curiosity. So how do you go about making one and what are your options?

So you get the basic premise, make a bow from the rubber band and a the arrow is the pencil. The easiest of these is with your hand like so:

Once you have had a few goes at this you'll quickly realised the issue. It's wildly inaccurate. So the goal of the world class next rubberband pencil shooter is to improved aim and strength. You can run around and try everything out, but the best of the stationary world for shooting pencils with rubber bands is the cross between blow gun and the cross bow.

so how to do this??? Grab your pencil and have a look through you stationary draw. Is there a texta or marker that is a little larger? Take the back of it and check the to see if the pencil fits in. You want as good a fit a possible. Found one - Right say goodbye to it now cos we are going to cannibalize it.

  1. Chop each end off the marker so you have a clean tube the pencil can flow through
    rubber band pencil shooter
  2. Cut a notch out of one end
    rubber band pencil shooter
  3. Loop into the notch the rubber band and tie halfway up the tube
And there you go. Put a pencil in one and and pull back against the rubber band and let go! Enjoy!
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